What is Rxzyville?


Pronounced: Ry-zee-ville

1.A noun. An awsome place to live. As in the city of Rxzyville.

2. An adjective. "Ridiculous" as in "Rrr.... Ah, this is just ridiculous!"

3. A mammal. Commonly seen with the "neutral face". Often seen walking to the bus stop, or foraging for food. Often skips school because of "sickness".

4. A verb. Meaning "to have an unconventional obsession with High School Musical"

1. Back when I lived in Rxzyville, the only way of transportation was the bus!

2. Upon hearing of her failing grade in Math, Mira exclaimed, "Well, that's just Rxzyville!"

3. The elusive Rxzyville is not often seen by the general public!

4. After hearing a certain someone ramble on about High School Musical for hours, Mira was fed up. "Stop being such a Rxzyville!" she told him.

See mira, alex, morgan, branden, awesome, sweet, cool, writing, procrastinator, lame, obese


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