Rye Vs Harrison

What is Rye Vs Harrison?


Easily the biggest Rivalry in NY State and the possibly the Country. Even though football are both schools top sport and thats where the Rivalry is huge it is huge in every sport even Golf. 15,000- 20,000 fans show up to what they call "The Game" they have played the game 77 times and Harrison leads the Series 41-33-3. They bet on this game in Vegas it's that huge. Mike and the Mad Dog, WFAN, PLG, and ESPN radio always give the Rye Garnets luck who have won the past five times. Kids who plays D1 football come back and say this is and always will be the biggest most intense game they ever play. It is just Crazy, so crazy that after a team wins they get to jump in the Brook located on campus. I can't describe it anymore. Tailgaits everywhere, Fans going back and forth supporting their team.

Rye VS Harrison is like Ohio State VS Michigan, Bosco VS Bergan, Yankees VS Red Sox, Duke VS UNC


A Rivalry that goes back decades and just doesn't start on the football field. The schools and town have pure hatred for eachother. When these two teams meet each year for a football game the crowd usually gets up to 10-12,000 people. The games are hard hitting and filled with rage. They call it "The Game" for a reason and when one team wins they take a swim in a brook near their schools. It is really something every football fan should witness. It's the biggest rivalry in the state of NY and one of the best in USA.

Rye VS Harrison is almost as big as the Red Sox vs Yankees, GOd i want to play in this game.

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