4 20

What is 4 20?


Supposedly "420" was a code used by the San Rafael police department, however, the department has always denied this. A group known as the "Waldos" claim to have originated 420 in San Rafael in 1971. The group met every day at 4:20 PM after school and eventually began to use 420 as a code for marijuana so they could talk about pot in front of parents and teachers.

Can't wait til 420, I'm going to blaze out of my mind.

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Best holiday(which is today, april 20th)!

4-20! National Smoke Out Day

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One of the many names for weed. Its mainly in reference to time. But theres also April 20th.

Its 4:20, gota hit that bowl.

I cant wait til 4/20,(april 20th) Im gona be stoned off my ass.

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4-20-1889 is Adolf Hitlers Birthday. Dring the holocuast,on his birthday he would "Light it up" as in gas more jews then the usual.

Pot smokers "Light up" at 4:20 to protest the sick violece of hitler. Also on April 20th has turned into National Smoke Pot Day (u.s.a.)

Smoke it up @ 4 20

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TODAY (smokin up)

oh shiet its 4 20 time 2 hit this joint mofawka


4 20 (Or 420) is hitlars birthday, and the date the a school shooting occured because of this Its used as a code when a gang wants to kill someone.

"lets put the 4 20 down on that crip"

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