5 0

What is 5 0?


1. A cop. This term is used when the cop is coming after you. Avoid cops at all costs, they are out to get you for something you did or did not do.

2. A grind done on a skateboard when one truck is on the rail, and the other is raised above.

5 0, 5 0, scatter!

Pack your shit, we're going to Canada. That 5 0 just busted our crack house.

Shit, did you see that 5 0 grind he did down that rail?

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Most commonly used to refer to Police Officers/detectives or anyone associated with law enforcement. Origins date back to an early 1970’s television series titled “Hawaii Five O”. Detectives on this show were assigned to a special unit (Five O) and were savvy, aggressive and always apprehended the suspect. Much like the character “Daisy Duke” from the Dukes of Hazard television series whose short shorts spawned a once popular clothing trend with women very effeminate men, the term 5 0 too has transcended television to urban slang.

1. Say man. The block is hot so we goin to post up at Man Man’s cause 5 0 ain’t lettin a mother fucker make no mony here.

2. 5 0 came and took my baby daddy cause his P.O say he had weed in his pee and he on paper.

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A cop. If you are doing something illegal , or something the cops might think is illegal, yell this to get your friends a head up and scatter the fuck out. ( if you are too intoxicated to tell if you are doing something illegal, just yell 5-0 anyway.

rules for this word,

1- dont say it unless the cops are there,

2- if the cops are at the cars, yell SHIT 5-0 AT THE CARS HIT THE WOODS!!

3- if you are black, you really need to run, in fact, try a hommie so you dont get caught, cause cops love to beat black asses.

SHIT! 5 0 5 0 Run for your lives, and get that dime pack for they see it!

50 at the cars!!! SHIT run for your lives!

FUCK!!!!!! 5 0!!! hit the deck!

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cops, skateboardling grind where only the back truck grinds and the front is in the air

Dude, I was trying a 5-0 on that ledge but the 5-0 came and kicked us out

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A heads up offered by a look out that an invidual not down with, adapted to acceptance of, or directly invovled with the groups illegal activity, such as the buying or selling of illegal drugs, is approaching. The invidual is a stranger and without right or reason to be there, even if the place is public, as it is gang territory.

5 0 call is offered without regard to whether the stranger is or is not a member of law enforcement; it is determined soley on trusti.e. whether that person is cool in the cultural sense, not the popular sense.

Example 1: A citizen walks through an area of illegal activity where they don't live or are not know.

The look out yells, "5 0 fool."

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1. officer of the law, usually used in a bad sense.

2. slow ass piece of shit ford from the late 80's early 90's that 16 year olds roll around in and think they are the shit. also pronounced five point slow.

oh shit, i think that 5 0 is on to us.

damn i just smoked that 5.0

also - damn i just smoked that five point slow.


5.0 liter Mustang. (302 CI)

My 5-0 could beat yo 1.8 liter Honduhz' azz!


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