_ | _

What is _ | _?


It is basically meant to be a picture of a bum or booty or ass and is commonly used in text messages.

Variations are:

(#|_) A spanked bum

(*|_) A kissed bum

(_Y_) A bum with a big upper crack

(_x_) A tight ass

(_______|_______) BIG BUTT

and many more.

Stop being such an (_|_)

kiss my (_|_)

(#|_) !!! (#|_) !!! you naughty boy


A VERY BIG booty or a quite large ass. This is the wonderful anatomical feature that a female may possess when they have hip measurements of 38 inches and up. Very common with black and latina girls, and also a considerable number of white girls as well.

Jennifer Lopez, Vida Guerrera, Shakira, etc.


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