1 8 7

What is 1 8 7?


Code for (1)murder, (8)death, (7)kill...

...."It's about coming up and staying on top....and screaming 1 8 7 on a mother fucking cop".....-Sublime

See death, kill, slay, die


Referring to a murder of a person or persons over a police scanner.

Breaker Breaker 149, WE GOTTA 1 8 7 in the southside

See murda, death, kill, murder


Refers to Hill 187 separating North and South Korea. Hill 187 was the site of the Battle of Hill 187 during the Korean War. 1 8 7 means a massacre.

I 1 8 7'd that (expletive deleted). He wont be comming around anymore.

See murder, kill, death, massacre


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