18 - 1

What is 18 - 1?


1.)To come close in an accomplishment only to fail during the last second after coming so far to absolute perfection.

2.)Coined by the 2007 Patriots and their devestating loss during the superbowl against the New York Giants.

1.)Boss: You 18 - 1'ed your promotion oppertunity

2.)Football Fan: The Patriots were going for 19 - 0, but instead made it 18 - 1 due to Tom brady's clutch choke.

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It doesn't matter, nobody cares, so what, meaningless, etc.

In reference to the Patriots 2007 (almost) record setting season.

I'm proud of my new car but all my friends are 18 - 1 about it.

Peyton: I think I might grow a goatee.

Dwight: I think I'm 18 - 1 about your goatee.

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