What is !?


1) Spartadefiant.

2) Spartawith sword.

3) Leonidus: Let's Dine In Hell

4) Spartawith sword.

1) On cell phone or computer (-v-)!

2) (-v-)! !(-v(-v-)v-)! Leonidus leading 300 into hell. Dining ensues.

See sparta, spartans, 300, defiant


Meaning sarcasm in written or typed text.

Dude: "Are you gonna que up?"

Guy: "Yeah."

Dude: "Are you gonna buy anything?"

Guy: "No, I just love to line up (!)"

Guy: "... Thick shit!"

See sarcasm, sarcastic, wit, humour


Text symbol for Vagina

I want your (!)

See vagina, pussy, text, sex, cell


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