What is 3/5?


Another name for a black person...back in the day, black people only counted as 3/5ths of a vote at election time. Not much has changed since then.

Dude, some 3/5 just came and raped my wife, stole my kid's bike, and jacked my car...all while drinking a Colt .45!

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1. Pulling a 3/5 (3/5ing) - Making a statement that you are going to do something, but never planning on actually doing it.

2. A 3/5er - This refers to a police officer or some sort of official who:

-Gets rid of all the evidence of something and then claims it never happened, despite multiple witnesses.


-Claims that something is only a rumor, but then takes extreme action as if it where a serious threat.


Kid 1: "Tomorrow is the day, I can't take it anymore, I am going to kill myself."

Kid 2: "Nah, you're just 3/5ing"

Dude: "Hey, Jack said he was gonna kick my ass today, but he pulled a 3/5."


Man: "I know you may have heard the rumor that there is a bomb in this building, but it is only a rumor, there is no evidence.

(Bomb Squad Arrives)

Other Man: "Dude he is such a 3/5er."


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