What is 30?


A 30 pack 12 oz cans of beer.

Can you get a 30? I want to get wasted tonight. Don't even bother with the longnecks.

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A term used to refer to a 30mg perscription pain pill, specifically an oxycodone hydrochloride 30mg tablet. Other examples are Roxies, and Blues.

Mike: Yo, you think you can front me a 30, Dawg?

Vince: Hell no, you still owe me from last night! Come back with $20 and you can get one though.

Mike: C'mon, man. I'm dope sick.

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Also written as ---30---, -30-, /30/ or ###.

Typography and news media shorthand meaning "end of story."

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.




derived from the roman numerals xxx, meaning both 30 and porn. came around in the 21st century when members of the GPK needed code words to get past their parents. also makes it more comfortable to talk about porn.

While Steve's mom was in the room...

Alex: Hey, dudes, i found some sick ass 30 last night.

Dan: Aww no way. i got grounded from the computer cuz my parents found out about my 30

Steve: Ur a dumbshit, 30 rocks.

Giussepe: I LOVE 30!

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How much u think a girl is worth



*go up to girl at bar*

say 30

if she slaps you then run before her BF comes

See how much?, teh uber


a man that only last 30 secondz...a.k.a Derek P...luv you

While in skool me n 30 can pull any act off.


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