What is 30-06?


30 cal. round developed in 1906 used by th miltary until the '60s not used as a hunting cal.

I gonna bust a cap in his ass like Da Sniper with my 30-06

See DaMan


Can also be used as 30-06'd and 30-06'er

Is the art of constantly complaining about server registration. Placeing blame for ones bad aim on every server in the country, and surrounding countries that the offender lives in.

Also: Self quoting yourself on IRC quit messages in the act of trying to be cool, but infact looking REALLY REALLY fucking dumb.

30-06'er: "Man! There is no reg on these servers, or any servers! FKN REG!"

Normal Person: "haha listen to this 30-06'er, cant aim for shit so its all reg problems. What a fucking dickweed"

Also: 11:46 * ben|30-06 has quit IRC (Quit: <ben|30-06> It would hurt to fuck a coke can though.)

11:47 <Normal Person> HAHAHAHA Check out the quit message! 30-06'd! Hi im a dickweed named 30-06 :D

See Normal Person


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