What is 302?


commited to a hospital, clinic,or crisis center against your will also while being 302ed police and or an ambulance might be involved

dam max klein just got 302ed again

See Rob


a type of V8 engine mostly in ford mustangs

he's runnin a 302 in that

See small block, v8, i dunno


A shortened reference for "BOSS" or Captain of a crew originating from the Ford engine, BOSS 302. Often used in IRC and l33t speak web rings.

Who is the big 302 around here?

See boss, captain, lead, crew chief, viceroy


Located in Sheehy Hall on the sprawling South Campus of Umass Lowell, 302 is generally regarded as a cesspool. As a general requirement, one must not only be a total asshole, he must also be a blatant homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that), enjoy masturbating to hours of Anime porn in one stretch, and must speak fluent French. There's a reason that this suite is all the way at the end of the hall: it's an attempt to shield the generally innocent population of Sheehy/Concordia from the high levels of gay emanating from 302. Seriously, what kind of people go "secret missions" while wearing Revlon? I know what kind of people. Those total labia-faces from 302. That's who.

Hubert: Hey man, do you smell something slightly reminiscent of ten year aged dick cheese stuffed inside a dirty hooker?

Codsworth: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's 302. Douchebags.

See d-bags, 302, anime, everclear


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