What is 31?


turkish symbol for masturbation

- 3 is the hand

- 1 is the cock

See guy smiley


The number that comes after 30.

"Okay class, what comes after 30?"


"No, that's incorrect."




A way to express a that something is happening 24/7; the sum of those two numbers.

He seems to be working 31 to get that project done.

They are keeping their shop open 31 to make up for lost profits.

See 24/7, forever, always, infinite


The age when you are offically a grown up!

I am 31 years old!

See mature, fun, happy, adult


to 'chuck' a 31 in turkish means to wank.

im feeling low, i want to chuck a 31, brb.

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another way of saying 24/7: 24+7=31;

meaning all the time, constantly, around the clock

roger:"i haven't seen you around lately."

morgan: "ya i've been working out 31."

See 24/7, time, always, two and a half men


Halloween Shot. A way to kill yourself with 2 guns making a 31 degree angle.

The 31 method ensures instantaneous death, due to the separate bullet paths.


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