What is 310?


reppin the west side of la, yeyeah! from malibu, santa monica, and beverly hills from the north, to the south bay, such as torrance, gardena, and pv. one of the best and most recognizable area codes in the nation. fuck 424. 310 even reps compton, hence the game's shoe, 310.

your from the 310, tight!

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Its a area code in California

A Famouse Car dealership

Culver city 310, Hawthorne 310, Inglewood 310 ext...

I got my new car at 310's!


area code of the rich and wanna-be rich.

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The old Datsun that is rusting in my back yard.

I have a 26 year old Datsun 310 that is no longer driveable

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an area more commenly reffered to as the "ghetto" which consists of every ethnic background possible.oh and mikhail lives there.

ima go visit my home dawgs in the 310.

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