What is 31337?


Stands for Eleet. This is the original form of pointing out one's greatness from any standpoint, beit athletic skills, academics, or even hacking or cracking processes.

It was coined by a cdc group when they listened on a port :31337 and pointed out the Eleet-31337 - ness of their exploits.

Dude you're true 31337.

1337 is a later variant used mostly by trendy kids who like to taunt others in online video game play.


to be elite. one who has skills.

i am one elite hacker.

i am one 31337 hacker.

hes elite.

hes 31337.

See mike


Spelling of "elite" primarily favoured by the alphabetically impaired.

i r hax0r ur b0x0r 4 i r 31337, fag0t!!!


The prime number between 31333 and 31357.

i m 31337 bu7 u r 0n133 31333


Hacker lingo for "elite." Numerical form of ELEET.

I went to this 31337 gathering last night!

See Witch Doctor


31337 is the default port used by the Back Orifice trojan/Remote Admin Tool.

yeah d00d i hax0red him and set BO2k to listen on port 31337 default!


A UDP Port once exploited By a hacker / cracker group to gain access to windows 95 ......... Obviously patches have been released to fix this vounerabilty .... now used by script kiddies to call themselves elite (usually shortened to 1337)..... sigh :(

I hate people who refer to themselves as 31337.

u r so n00b a/VD 1 am 50 3l337

See 1337, h4x0r, leet, internet, script kiddie


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