What is 314?


Area code for downtown St. Louis...used in many Nelly and St. Lunatics beats...there is no homosexual population...thats just Nick D's gay ass fantasy....

...Just dial 314...

See BG


St. Louis area code. used by nelly and the st lunatics

man, other then ATL the lou is the only city i can think of with numerous rappers reppin it. ie nelly, all of the lunatics, j-kwon, chingy, and that one cat who sang 'skip to the lou' cant think of his name.


For one to masturbate

I heard that Matt made Brittney 314 last night.

See 314, masturbation, masturbate, solo, alone


police code for indecent exposure

marcus pulled a 314 the other day in english and whipped out his dick for all the girls to see

See naked, nudist, gross, strip, public


The IQ of the eight year old genious Billy Blaze (Commander Keen)

B. Blaze's enemy Mortimer McMire has an IQ of 315.

Geeses, Commander Keen is like the best platform game out there!


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