What is '_'?


A face usually used in IM that represents bordem, speechlessness or suprise.

A: so she said...and i said....

B: ('_') sigh


A smiley for being worried, shocked, dazed, or annoyed. Could be like *_* or ._. or even -_-

Person1:Lyke omg dat iz sooo kewl!!

Person2: '_' Shut up.

Dumdum1: I am going to choke you.

Dumdum2: '_' Uh oh.

Moo1: WHOA! Someone just threw their dog out the window!! '_'


emotiocon for sarcasim

Sarah: This summer has been so much in Chile! '_'

Matt: I know it! Chile is the most awesome country in the world. '_'

See sarcasm


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