What is 321?


The Florida area code for Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and nearby areas. Coincidently it also represents the last three seconds of a space launch countdown. Making it very easy to remember.

I live in the 321 area code.

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countdown county

The area code for most of Brevard county, Florida: includes the Kennedy Space Center

unites the G's of Cocoa and Palm Bay and the Surfers of Beachside and the gayass emo bitches of Cuntree.

bitch, tha 321 got that funky krip nugs.

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used in the game of beer pong when there is only six cups left and the person wants them in a 3-2-1 set up, like a beeramid.

"yo give us a 321"

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3 hugs 2 kisses 1 love

okay babee i love you lots 321!

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