What is 323?


Area code in Southern California which covers, roughly, the area of central Los Angeles, excluding Downtown Los Angeles and close neighborhoods such as Koreatown, Echo Park, and Chinatown. The area covered by 323 was once covered by 213 until the area code split on June 13, 1998.

Areas covered:

- Bell (Also 562)

- Bell Gardens (Also 562)

- Beverly Hills (Mostly 310)

- Commerce

- Compton (Also 310)

- Cudahy

- Culvery City (Mainly 310)

- Florence (Mainly 310)

- Hawthorne (Also 310)

- Huntington Park

- Inglewood (Also 310)

- Los Angeles (Including East LA)

- Eagle Rock

- Hollywood

- Hyde Park

- Highland Park

- Silverlake

- Watts

- Lynwood (Also 310)

- Maywood

- Montebello

- Monterey Park (Also 626)

- South Gate (Also 562)

- Vernon

- West Hollywood

Reppin that 323 LA area!

See 323, los angeles, montebello, area, code


Area code in Los Angeles, similar to 213. Covering areas east of downtown such as in East LA.

We be reppin' that 323 area code!!


los angeles area code. covers hollywood, los feliz, silverlake, eagle rock, koreatown..the hippest neighborhoods. land of the cool, and starving wannabee actors/rockstars/writers/filmakers/artists.

"he was all arty and 323, untill he sold out andwent all 818.


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