What is 33?


The percentage of sexually active highschoolers who will have intercourse with more than 4 people before gradcuation- often used as a replacement for the words slut, hoe, whore etc.

"I can't believe what a hoe you are! Laura, you're such a 33!"

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A code-word for weed that can be used anywhere without anyone knowing what you're actually talking about. It's an evolution of the 1337 spelling for weed - 'w33d' The 33 was then taken from the middle of the word and is used on its own. Comes straight out of Caterham! Brap brap!

'Dude, are we gonna get 33 for this weekend??'

'Yes man! I've got 33 - let's get blitzed!'

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A code sent out by way of pager/text or spoken word that indicates it is time for coffee and or breakfast. Mostly used in hospital settings where code may be essential to keep whereabouts only known to who should know them.

In the mostspecific of terms it means time for dunkin donuts.

How do you feel about a 33?


It is time for a 33

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33 sometimes refers to anal sex, because it looks like 2 butts

We were 33ing all night.

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A prostitute's term for a customer who takes his time, the opposite of a 78 , based on the slowest speed possible on a stereo turn-table.

'Kinky, but I like my sex the way I play basketball: one on one and with as little dribbling as possible.'


butt fucking

i 33'ed him!


anal sex between 2 guys. The more 3's, the more fags there are.

Those two fags are gonna 33 later on tonight. That's fucking gross.

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