What is 337?


The number tied to the Clandestine mystery from the band AFI. No one really knows what it means, except that it appeared all throughout their "Clandestine" video and there are said to be hints all through their last album, Sing the Sorrow. See 336.

Dude, I just discovered the answer to the 337 mystery!

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The 337(25th Anniversary in Europe) is a Volkswagen MK4 1.8T(180hp) GTI with significant modifications that separate it from the normal GTI. It's production started in May of 2002, and sold for 22,225 USD. Only 1500 were made, and only in Reflex Silver.

The car featured 18" BBS RC wheels, high performance tires, a lower, sportier suspension and a complete body kit. The interior included custom GTI Recaro seats, and red trim through out the car. It had a 3" exhaust and a 6-speed manual transmission as well.

Wow, look at that 337!

yeah, I wish I had one of those instead of a MK3 that's falling apart! fuck.

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The area code for South-West Louisiana. An area that is rural even for such a rural state. Also where most of the true "Cajuns"or "Coonasses' in the United States live or originated.

T-Boy: Thib. What-you doing, son.

Thib: Po. T-Boy I'm holden it down for the 337.

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The whole number that comes directly after the whole number 336, but directly before the whole number 338.

Counting 336, counting 337, counting 338....

See afi, a fire inside, 336


n. The numbers you press when deleting a stalevoice message.

Stop leaving me stupid phone messages or else I'll give you a 337 smackdown.


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