What is 34?


Slang for anal sex, similar to 69 or 89.

The 3 represents a butt while the 4 represents the top vie of a man holding his penis towards the butt-hole.

I'm gonna let my boyfriend 34 me this thursday.


Anal sex, simalar to 69.

I wanna 34 that girl!

See Ben


its ew.

Its the NEW ew.

<person one: I sneezed and now theres snot all over my screen!>

<person two: 34444444444!!>

<person three: 34??????>

<person1+2: it means ew, stupid n00b!>

See absolutely, none, thank, you, very, much


Slang for Marijuana, or being stoned.

I just got some sweet 34; wanna 34 tonight?; I'm so 34'd (stoned)

See ganja, marijuana, mj, 4:20, 420, 4-20


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