What is 35?


A drink popular in the western US. It refers to a roughly an equal mix of a dry or complex red wine (a cab, for example) and Southern Comfort. The name originates from the exact alcohol content the bartender should achieve for this drink, since over 35% often tastes too sweet, while under 35% tastes like expensive wine. Some people liken a properly mixed 35 to a grape Jollie Rancher, while others say it is more like prune juice. Either way, it is much better than it sounds.

Yo bro, I need to impress me some ladies; shoot me a 35.

See alcohol


Means (male) masturbation. Propably due the following joke:

Two men walk into a toilet. While man #1 starts pissing, man #2 starts counting numbers aloud. 1, 2, 3, 4..., 5, 6, 7.

Man #1: What were those numbers all about?

Man #2: You see boy, I like to keep things organized.

When I say 1, I unzip the zipper.

When I say 2, I take my dick out.

When I say 3, I pull back the foreskin.

When I say 4, I piss.

When I say 5, I pull forth the foreskin. When I say 6, I put my dick back in my underwear.

And when I say 7, I zip the zipper.

But the next day, the two men go back to the bathroom, and suddenly the man starts yelling in the bathroom 1, 2, 3,5,3,5,3,5,3,5,3,5,3,5!!!

Hey, I still got 30 minutes before my train leaves, I think I go for a 35 while waiting.

See 3, 5, masturbation, joke


what you call someone in there late teens and young twenties when college, a lack of excersize and shaving has taken a toll on their body. This causes the freshmen 15, a large gut and hair growth all over the belly. looking more like a 35 yr old fat man rather than a young adult.

Jordan was laying on my futon when i noticed he looked like he was 35, his hairy fat belly was exposed and almost made me throw up.

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code word for asian(also the code for rice)

Check out the 35 in your line yo....

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This is a sexual position for the morbidly obese. One fatty sucks a second fatty's arm weenus. At the same time, the second fatty is sucking the first fatty's right leg weenus.

Woman: Get the take out off the bed and lets "35" sweetie

Man: You are so much tastier than this Peking Duck honey, great idea

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Gay Male Sex

Boob Sex

Fat Hairy Old Pedifile-y Highschool Students

Fat People Sex

I Went To Vegas And Had A 35 With A 35 And Then A Hot Chick Came In And I Totally Went Straight And Gave Her A 35.

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