What is 350?


A common Chevy smallblock engine used everywhere from trucks to musclecars. The 350 refers to the engine's displacement in cubic inches. Production began in 1968 and was discontinued with the demise of the camaro in 2002 however parts are plentiful and these engines can be made quite powerful.

If that riceboy thinks his little 4banger civic is gonna beat my 350, he's got somethin else comin to him.

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A euphemism for a blowjob. The expression supposedly originated from the idea of paying $350 for prom to try to get with a girl; the result is an expression that makes referring to the "goals" of such a date innocuous and discreet.

The expression is gaining popularity in Massachusetts, but may take a while to spread. Still a great way to refer to the deed without being too direct.

Hah dude, she gave me 350 after we got out of the movie.

I sure could go for 350 right now.

I bet she's giving him 350 in there.

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princes bid on the price is right on a family guy cut secne



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