What is 35007?


There was one sixteen year-old that did the 69 three times a day. What did that make her?

11669 x 3 = 35007 (Use calculator and turn upside down)


an old calculator joke...u need a calculator for this joke...

u take 1 girl, she's 16 years old, and you 69 her, 3 times..which equals(=) 35007...turn the calculator upside down, now what is she??? LOOSE!!!

35007 == LOOSE!!!

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spells LOOSE on the calculator. old schoolboy trick. story goes likke this.

there was 1 girl she was 16 she had sex with 69 guys 3 times, that makes her Loose. ie...

11669 x 3 = 35007

see story above.


A calculator joke, similar to 55378008. Read as looseupside down

A prostitute visited troops in Iraq, and did each 5,000 member, plus the LT, seven times.


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