What is 37?


#1) Number often used in fiction because it is inconspicuous: A prime number greater than 25 but less than 50.

#2) Number that usually results in cheap magician's trick: Ask someone to pick a number in his/her head between 1 and 50 with both digits odd and the first digit less than the second. Victim usually picks 37 because of #1).

#3) Birthday number most likely to trigger a mid-life crisis.

#4) The number of men a woman must give a blowjobs to in order to become a slut (see the movie "Clerks").


It was a dark and stormy night. A tall dark man wanted to buy a newspaper but had only 37 cents.


Valley Girl: Oh my God! You're like physic or something. How'd you know I was thinking "37"?

Amateur Magician: You dumb bitch!


"Oh my God! I'm turning 37 next week … the late thirties…and I still haven't picked a career!


Man: How many men have you gone down on?

Woman: Thirty-six.

Man: Oh, I see. Thirty-six including me isn't so bad.

Woman: Including you, thirty-seven.


YOU SLUT!!!!!!!


In a row?

Watch Clerks and find out, you fucking savage.

Kevin is a god. I'd blow him. 37 times.

See clerks, snowball


the number of dicks that Dante's girlfriend Veronica claims to have sucked in the movie "Clerks". Dante is highly upset at his revelation as veronica had said she only had sex with three different girls but later explained that she only slept with 3 different guys but that didnt mean she didnt just go with people

Dante: 37! My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks!

Customer: In a row?

See clerks, randal, dante, jizz mopper


The universal number. Look for it and you'll see it everywhere. Movies, adresses, and particularly, the sample card for American Express.

Geez, there's ANOTHER 37!!!!!!


The best number there is. The most 1337 number. Not the worst number. Get the point?

Hey Number 37! You rule!

I'd like 37 cheeseburgers, cause I'm cool.

37 kills! U 1337 hax0r!

See number, 1337, 36, 38, integer


The single most random number between 1 and 100. Looking at Page 37 in almost any book you will realize it is so random that is ends up right in the middle of an either exciting part of the book or dramatic part. A highlight, one way or another.

As said in Kids Next Door episode FLAVOR (find lost ancient variety of refrechment), there are 37 flavors of icecream! If that's not lucky, I don't know what is.

"Numbuh One, how fast do you think you can get to the Mountain of the 37 Flavors?"

~Numbuh Five


hot butt sex. the 3 is a sideways butt. this might make it more clear:


or a european 7 with the line through it. goes into the 3. other variations include:

3-8, 3378

I had a 37with your grandmama. or: your cat 37'ed me. 37 goes on in prison. It's illegal to 37 your sister in 46 states.


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