What is 38?


A name that refers to two popular firearms calibers.

.38 Special is found in many revolvers, and is a truncated version of the .357 Magnum. .38 Special rounds may be discharged from a revolver chambered for .357 Magnum.

.38 Super is an autopistol caliber. It is more powerful than 9x19, but less powerful than .40SW or .357SIG. Made famous by gangsters in the thirties, the .38 Super was capable of penetrating bullet proof vests- something the .45ACP could not. Today, the round can be stopped by most vests. It is relatively uncommon caliber. Several gun manufacturers produce nickel-plated 1911-style guns to discharge this round.

"Bust you up with 38s"


38, also known as 'Balls Deep'. Adapted from 1337 speak. Where a penis can be represented as 8==D and anal sex can be represented as 3==8. So when the 3 and theh 8 have no = signs, meanning you cannot see the 'shaft' thus you are 'balls deep'

I was wit my girl last night, I got 38 in'er.

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a .38 special revolver, used widely by police as a service revolver from about 1905 to roughly the mid '80s. Never cought on with Army cause .38 is usually found in revolvers(something army didnt want) and isnt all that powerful

Inmate 1:that copper got me wit his 38

Inmate 2: that sucks

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A gun ,muh-fucka.

"Walking my dogs that shit on ya lawn,

I fertalise a whole farm when it thunderstorms,

I carry weight, .38's in the waist,

Battling me is like .38's in Kuwait."


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