What is 386?


Processor used in older PC's. First x86-CPU with 32bit

Existed at frequencies up to 40 MhZ

There are 2 Versions, 386SX and 386DX

The SX came from the word Sixteen, because this CPU had a narrower Data bus to reduce costs. It was developed as a 286 killer but is a slow piece of junk...


an 8-pin IC, used as a 400mW amplifier. use 2 to build a portable stereo amplifier. great for anything, and has good sound.

no example really needed.


To reply to an overly argumentative person with a link to the XKCD cartoon captioned "someone is WRONG on the Internet". So named because the cartoon is #386 in the XKCD archive.

"Oh, yes, you 386'ed me. How ... special."

See butthurt, headdesk, annoyed, argument, drama


The best muthafuckin city in the world


Where are you from man?

I'm from the 386 bitch

See C.J.


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