What is 4-4-2?


The other definition is incorrect. A 4-4-2 formation consists of:

Four defenders

Four midfielders

Two forwards

The goalkeeper stays at the back.

____Striker___Striker_______ 2

L. Mid___Mid___Mid___R. Mid 4

L. Def___Def___Def___R. Def 4


It's a 4-4-2!

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The most common football formation (proper football that is, rather than the rather odd American version), consisting of four defenders, four midfielders and two attackers. The goalkeeper is not generally mentioned in formation numbers. Every football fan can name a famous 4-4-2 team.

Plymouth Argyle (4-4-2): Larrieu; Hodges, Aljofree, Doumbe, Connolly; Capaldi, Wotton (c), Nalis, Norris; Hayles, Chadwick

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Oldsmobile Cutlass from the 1970's Abrieviation for 4 barrell carb, 4 speed trans and dual exhaust. 4-4-2

That 4-4-2 kicked ass on that GTO !!

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A layout of the ten moveable players (Goalkeeper is stationary).

•Two defenders

•Four midfield

•Four strikers.

4-4-2 is the most used formation.

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