What is 4/20?


The day to smoke weed... April 20th. Or every day at 4:20.

It's April 20th lets smoke an ounce


1) Adolf Hitlers Day of birth.

2) Smoking Holiday (4/20 any year)

3) Rumored Some college students would smoke everyday at 4:20 pm

My PC clock says 4:20 haha.

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April 20th; A day where actual cannabis-smokers do the ganja. Also the day where a bunch of poseurs claim that they're gonna smoke weed on that day to try to be cool, but really don't.

So, I don't do marijuana on 4/20. Fuckin' sue me.

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The day to smoke weed. It is based off of what police say when they see people doing drugs ("We have a 4/20 on...").

It is celebrated internationally and people also wear green on that day. It is also Adolf Hitler's birthday, and the date f the Columbine School shootings. Pronounced "four twenty."

Yo man, I got some fresh Columbian weed for us to smoke tomorrow... after all, it is 4/20.

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A holiday self established by marijuana smokers that takes place on April 20th.

Originally started by a group of college kids who would meet at a statue everyday at 4:20 PM to smoke weed.

Some other drug usage may take place but marijuana is the main one.

Pronounced "four twenty", if you say, "four hundred twenty" you'll look like an idiot.

Me: My dad got so baked yesterday.

You: Why?

Me: It was 4/20.

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my favorite holiday

Unlike the holiday season, jews and christians alike all get together to smoke up on 4/20.

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1. Natioinal Smoke Marijuana Day.

2. Hitler's Birthday.

1. Stoner 1: Hey man it's 4/20! We finna get high as hell!

Stoner 2: Fasho!

2. Happy Birthday Hitler?

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