What is 401?





What all of our 401(k) retirement plans became after the collapse of the global finance industry.


Shaniqua, why on earth have you closed your 401(k)? Don't you want to retire someday?


Bitch, listen up. When those motha fuckas on wall street fucked all this shit up, my 401(k) suddenly became a 401(jk). So instead of getting my vaseline and straight razors and shanking them like Tyrone wanted me to, Im just taking all of my lettuce and hiding it in my mattress like the G-Unit did back in during the Great Depression. MMMMMM-KAAAAAY?


Well Shaniqua, I think that may have been a very wise move on your part when one considers the volatility of the financial markets and any formal investment. Yes, I think I will also close my 401(jk) and look for alternative savings opportunities outside the sphere of the banking and financial industry.

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The area code for Rhode Island

Uncle Mardy's area code in R.I is 401, right mom?

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A stimulus package of 401 Kilograms of Columbia's finest, sold to America's top wealthiest 2%. Only the fattest of fat cats will be able to afford the proceeds of this package to finance the retirement of the individuals involved in selling these packages.

Guy #1: I'm on easy streetnow, I got myself a 401(k).

Guy #2: Are you sure?

Guy #1: Yeah I got me 401 Kilo's of Columbia's finest.

Guy #2: Where can I get one of those?

Guy #1: Definitely not on Wall Street.

Guy #2: Where then?

Guy #1: I know a guydown in Miamiwho can hook you up.

Guy #2: Sweet.

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