What is 405?


Heavily congested freeway that runs generally through the west-central part of Los Angeles, California.

(There are also interstate highways with this number in Washington & Oregon, but the California version is the most famous.)

The gridlock on the 405 is legendary throughout the country.


The area code for central Oklahoma.

I be reppin' da 405 son.


the most poetic 3 digit number ever. It's perfect imagery and makes you think of those moonlit nights when you just feel so tired that you feel so great and the lights are just perfect.

405 is a great song by Death Cab for Cutie

See 405, death, cab, for, cutie, poetry


from the http error message 405 "forbidden"

Often means "over the line"

Stop man, that room is 405

You take that back fo' that was 405


a cool bus that drives around town and picks up ppl

here comes the 405

here comes the bus 405

man that 405 is cool

See 405


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