What is 407?


The area code representing Orlando and surrounding areas such as: Pine Hills, Apopka, Winter Park, Maitland, Balboa, Richmond Heights, Parramore, Kissimmee, Tangelo Park, Carver Shores, Sanford, Casselberry, Altamonte, Ocoee, Winter Garden, MetroWest, University, Goldenrod, Union Park, Alafaya, Hiawassee, College Park, Poinciana, Eatonville, Ivey Lane, Mercy Drive, Forest City, Rio Grande, Crosstown, Beirut, VoKey, Washington Shores, Lake Mann, Lake Howell, Titusville, Lake Mary, Semoran.

I'm from that 407, reppin Orlando, Florida homeboy.

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Area code of Orlando, Florida.

"4-0-7, 8-5-0, 7-0-8, 5-0-2

Hoes in different area codes, know that" - Ludacris


407 ETR – Toll highway surrounding Toronto(ETR stands for “Electronic Toll Road”). The 407 has no tollbooths – subscribers have electronic transponders that log their entry and exit from the highway, while non-subscribers have their license plates read by cameras, with a bill sent every month. (There is an additional fee for not having a transponder). Its toll status means that it is less crowded than the other roads surrounding Toronto, but the tolls are extremely expensive relative to other toll roads. The 407 is owned by the Province of Ontario, but is leased to a private corporation for 99 years in a sweetheart dealconcocted by a previous government. (The terms of the deal remain a closely guarded secret).

The 407 corporation is generally hated by Ontario residents because of the high tolls, and also because of frequent incorrect billing that is very difficult to correct (forcing people to pay for trips they never made if they want to renew their drivers licenses), leading to the ETR being known as the “Express Toll Ripoff”. Ontario residents use many creative methods to obscure license plates so that the cameras can’t read your plates to send them a bill. Some out-of-province drivers who use the 407 will get a bill in the mail, but (unlike Ontario residents) they can't threaten not to renew your plates to force you to pay it.

To drive the 407 from one end to the other in a car (about 70 miles) costs almost $19.00.

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the area code of where da real niggas be. the hardest place aside from 305.if you live in florida you best not fuck with them 407 boys.orlando,k-town,crime hills etc.

"407 til we go to heaven"

" yo i heard john was fuckin with them boys from orlando."

"yeah the whole 407 crew came an peeled his cap"

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a state-of-the-art highway in the GTA (suburban Toronto) that stretches from the QEW to Highway 7. What makes it so world class is that it uses video tolling, the first in the world to do so. It was built in 1996 by the government of Ontario, and has since leased it to a private company for 99 years. Anybody can access it without signing up, a bill will automatically be mailed to you. The only flaw it has is that users outside of Ontario have unlimited access, while users inside of Ontario have to pay. The smoothest and only highway that you won't be stuck in 10km/h traffic during rush hour.

We travel on the 407 to avoid traffic jams.

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