What is 413?


The only postcode in the world that has reached pure cultstatus

413? Gött änna.


a totally bitchin' area code in western massachusetts containing such local celebrities as danny tamberelli of pete and pete and all that, Bill Cosby, and allegedly almost tom brady

me: yo me and ben and brett just got trashed and gave ourselves some sick home-made 413 tats

you: i think you're so sick

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A big ass dodge engine,413 cubic inches

from the beach boys song "Shut Down" Two cool shorts standing side by side,a fuel injected Sting Ray and a 413 revvin up their engines and it sounds real mean

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4 = for

13 = southside


this one's for the homies. 413


the most out of sight snowboard crew to ever live on this planet

dont fuck with the 413

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This is my concept:

In a manga book called ranma 1/2 shampoo kept on saying 'you I love'.

And 143 mean's i love you.

1 = I

4 = Love

3 = You

Rerrange it to 'You I Love'.

3 = You

1 = I

4 = Love

therefore 413. Just to be a lil different.

And how about 381

3 = 3 words

8 = 8 letters

1 = 1 meaning

= i love you.

i love you = 143

you i love = 413 (someone who hasn't got the grammar right just yet)

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