What is 420!?


Originated in San Rafael high school in 1971 by a group of stoners named the "Waldos"... they would use the code 420 to say that they would meet at 4:20 to smoke...also assoctiated with April 20th...my name is henry hennessy and my father smoke pot and everything elses...his birthday is April 19th and he graduated high school in 1971.

my dad was a total stoner


420 is the stoner’s holiday.

420 refers to April 20th, at 4:20, when stoners world wide blaze.

That date of 420 originated because 420 is the code cop’s use when they sited a large drug operation.

Aww man, I just got a ounch from Ben, I can't wait till 420! to use it.

See april 20th, 420


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