What is 4321?


The second single from Phenomenonwas "4, 3, 2, 1" which featured Method Man, Redman, DMX and Canibus. In the original version of the song, Canibus rapped "Yo L, is that a mic on your arm? Lemme borrow that", referring to LL's tattooof a microphone. LL heard the verse and responded to it with his own verse. This essentially created a battle between two MC's in the same song. In an attempt to calm tension, LL later called Canibus to say he saw the line as disrespect, and asked him to change it, to which Canibus complied. LL did not remove his verse, believing that with Canibus' verse gone no one would know who he was referring to in his verse. However, the original version of the song was leaked to the public. This would set up a rivalry. Canibus released his single "Second Round K.O.", containing lyrics dissing LL, who later responded with "Ripper Strikes Back". In this song he not only dissed Wyclef, Canibus' producer, but went on to berate ex-friend Mike Tysonfor appearing on "Second Round K.O.". LL did another diss, with "Back Where I Belong". Canibus replied to both tracks with his "Rip the Jacker" using LL's "I'm Bad" backing track.

If Canibus didn't talk about LL's tatoo in "4321" they would not have been beefin'.

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