What is 44?


.44 Magnum firearm.

My 44 make sure all yo' kids don't grow!


also known as acres homes, a notorious area of Houston on the NW side.

im from that 44


ghetto area of north west houston, texas. named 44 becuz the Metro 44 express is the bus route there

dats the crazy nigga from 44 acres


a 4x4 truck

a .44 caliber pistol

Still Tippin' on fo fo's, wrapped in fo fo's

Pimping four hoes and I'm packing fo fo's


The mutual licking of two people's elbows. This leads to intense and uncontrolled sexual ecstasy. also see elbow lick

The sex was amazing on its own, but after we started to 44 too, the bombardment of sweet sexual delight caused us to erupt like a pair of flowing volcanoes, covering ourselves with the juicy fruits of our labor.


Code name for weed, pot, marijawana...

Where be dat 44 dawg?


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