What is 455?


Leetspeak (13375p34|<) for the 3-letter word for "donkey" or your rear end in your nether region.

Someone deserves a good swift kick in the 455!

That 455 Cubic-Inch engine kicks 455 and the 454 outta the water!

And what the heck is an "ASA engine" anyway?

See Java


A powerful GM big-block engine, capable of delivering 400+ HP, usually found in vintage full-sized cars.

ebon: Man, dat deuce wit a 455 whacked my 4!

engl: My 1964 Chevy lost a race to a Buick Electra with a 455cu.in. engine!

See daDebil


A powerful engine from oldmobile

I have a 455 olds in my boat

See vince


A form of automotive air conditioning for cheap cars - four windows down at fifty-five miles per hour. Ususally pronounced "four, fifty-five".

Damn it's hot in this Pinto - turn on the 455!


References 2 different GM-produced motors. The pontiac version was good for keeping boats from moving around when attached to the end of a chain, while the Buick versions made 400+ hp and 500+ lb. ft. in stock form, or in modified form (like the one in MY pimp-455 ride) can produce in excess of 520 hp and 598 lb. ft. WOOT!

Ricer: Damn boy, thats a big-455 motor, how many liters is that?

Buick: Well, its 455 cubic inches, which is 7.6 liters for you dumb-45535 who can't convert to proper measurements


a buick motor that kicks the chevy 454 up and down the block

pussy 454 weighs more than a 426 hemi


Just another GM motor that wishes it was a 427.

Man, I got a 455, but I'm thinkin of getting a Caddy 502, cause its bigger, and that means better, unlike that little 427 in that Vette that keeps blowin my doors off.


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