What is 47?


A tall, bald, intimidating individual with a barcode tatooed on the back of his head. Usually wears a suit, tie and black gloves and is a hired killer. When not murdering people for money, he enjoys gardening.

In the game, "Hitman: Contracts," 47 gorrotes muthafuckas with no muthafuck'n remorse, biatch.


The main character from the Hitman series. Tall, bald and with a barcode on the back of his head, he prefers black suits, .45 Silverballers, the Walther W2000 and fibre wire. Also enjoys gardening. Once a devout Catholic, gave up his faith after being forced out of retirement.

Sergei. 17's gone. This is 47

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A number that alumni of Pomona College believe occurs more often in nature than other random numbers. The first attempt to prove this conjecture occured in 1964 when Laurens "Laurie" Mets ('68) and Bruce Elgin ('68) analyzed California license plates for the number.

Additionally, due to the presence of Pomona graduate Joseph Menosky ('79) as a writer and co-producer of " Star Trek: The Next Generation", the number was adopted and used frequently throughout the series when a random number was needed.

Rolaids absorbs 47 times its weight in excess acid.

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The main character of Hitman series. An assassin, cloned from 5 best criminals. Is bald, with barcode tatoo on back of his head. Dresses in black suit (with red tie). best known for using fibre wire and .45 silverbarrels. Sillent death, strikes precisely, kills only when absolutely nessesary. Great gardener and cataholic, gave that up when was forced out of retirement and betrayed by The Agency, his employer.

Mr. 47 is one of the best game characters. Also, one of the most silent.

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The most frequent number to appear in Star Trekshows.

Mission 47. Status: 4747-Alpha. Objective 47. Stardate 474747.1. Status 47.

Authorization Picard 4-7 Alpha Tango.

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There is a society at Pomona College, California, USA, which propagates the belief that the number forty-seven occurs in nature with more than other natural numbers. The origin of this appears to be a mathematical proof, written in 1964 by Professor Donald Bentley, which supposedly demonstrated that all numbers are equal to 47.

Subsequentlly the number 47 appears all over the place, notablly in most episodes of Star Trek and Alias.

Rick Berman says that 47 is 42 adjusted for inflation. LOL

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The most random occuring number in the world. Even more than 11. Because 11 sucks.

"What time is it?"

"It's 2:47"

"Woah 47"

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