What is 48?


FOB Fesh off the Boat. 48 also stands for the FOB gang.

if you see a person with the number 48 on their jersey or something that means that they are proud to be a FOB and you dont wanna mess with them.

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A 48, or forty-eight is a type of freight train car that usually holds the same containers you would see an 18 wheeler pulling?minus the wheels of course. The forty eight looks like a gondola and sometimes has the numbers 48 painted on the side of the car. Besides railroad workers?train hoppers and graffiti artists are probably the only people that would know or care what a "48" was.

"That freight was carrying nothing but 48s with containers stacked double high."

"He taggedup that empty 48"

"I only ride 48s"

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also know as 787'48'. the zipcode for a part of south austin,tx. also known as white-pussy land. the wheelchair-clique uses the residents as marks for sales.

let's head to tha 48 to sell a dime.


It is when you apologize for committing 49 in the definition where you say something gay to your friends.

"I like your shirt. It makes you look really hot" "Dude! 49!" "Oh, my bad. 48, 48"

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