What is 49?


Among Native Americans, an after pow wow party featuring socializing with booze, drugs and snagging.

Buck got so wasted at the 49 last night that he passed out in the back of his pickup.

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An oral sex position "blow-job". Derived from 69 and appearance of the numbers.

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Gal: I like 69.

Guy: I like 49.

Gal: What's that?

Guy: It's like 69 but non-symbiotic.

Gal: But I want to be on the receiving end!

Guy: Everyone does.

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4 in chinese is "say"

9 in chinese is "gou"

now tell that to a chinese person...

dumass: hey you chinese, "say gou"

chinese:49, eh?


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Slang for sex with a quadroplegic.

I totally just 49-ed with that dude in a wheel chair.

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oak hill

much better then tarrytown

or travis country

they don't even come close

i live in the 49...

i love you-49er

i can no longer speak to you-03er

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When you do something or say something gay around your friends.

"I like your shirt, it makes you look hot." "Dude! 49!"

See Alex


another word for acid

Go get me some 49 so we can have some REAL fun.

See Woodstock


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