What is 4:3?


these goddamn cocksuckin sons of bitches don't know

shit squat bout nuthin...!!!!

i ain't bout ta watch no damn art house film

filmed in hd in 4:3 aspect ratio...

full screen is for asshole lickin jackasses...

why can't all dvds come in 16:9 only?

makes me all pissy and shit when i accidentally get a movie in 4:3...

i may be pmsin like a lil bitch but

all the faggots who like their damn movies in 4:3 aspect ratio

can hit the zoom button on their dvd remote and it'll be full screen on their 4:3 tv...

the black bars on the top and bottom annoys the shit out of em...

4:3 ass lickin is a shame....cutting away the true composition of each shot...

all the blind motherfuckers will never get the feel for compositional design

the intention was meant....

maybe i'll never see....


have some class....take a bunch of film courses


please forward this message to any REAL AMERICAN

4:3 and i'll kick your ass

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