What is 4:30?


It means it's over now, it's time to go, or it just aint happenin!

If someone says lets go to the club and you know that the police has shut it down you may say to your friend nah, that spot is 4:30 fo sho!


the time cops change shifts

Jebus: excuse me officer is 4:20 a police code or the time you change shifts?

Officer: no we change shifts at 4:30, always have

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1ssed up, ugly, busted, looks bad, TORE UP

2. it's a wrap, or it's over, through with

Man, That girl is 4:30!

When I get finished beating yo ass, you gone be 4:30! originated in gulfport, mississippi

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A worldwide time to smoke marijuana, only known in some areas.

See yo at da 4:30 tonight brotha

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