What is 5-9?


1. a code word for codeine

Luis- "Hey fool, you got tha 5-9?"

Rob "Oh fo sho! What you think this is?

Kindergarden? 3 bucks a pop"

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Verb: meaning something stupid. To pull a 5-9 is to say and/or do something that many would consider institutionalizing you for.

Noun: used as a nickname for someone who has repeatedly done or said stupid things that you don't want them to live it down.

Timmy pulled a real 5-9 when he announced his poker hand before betting! From this day forward he will be strictly known as 5-9!

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pronounced "Five to Nine". Used when i girl walks past, or tries to PU you or one of your mates, who is under the legal age of consent, but has done herself up so she looks quote "Old enough to F*ck".


swissBoy: haha *nods* 5-9 indeed

theBrother: no for me

Sherm: hahahhahaha

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