What is 5.0?


Slang for police. Origin unclear, likely derived from the 1970's TV police drama "Hawaii 5-0" although it has been suggested to refer to the "5.0" emblems on Ford Mustang police cars used by many agencies in the late 1980's-1990's.

"Holy shit, 5-oh! 5-oh! Get those fighting cocks back in their cages!

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One of the best engines ever made by Ford. Can be found in Mustangs and the like.

That 92 Mustang LX has a 5.0 in it.


In 1982, Ford reintroduced a high-performance Mustang GT which opened the door for an entirely new era of the muscle car. Wringing a then-respectable 157 hp from its "5.0" (actually 4.94 L, 302 in³) Windsor V8.

The "5.0" Mustangs, cars that gave birth to an entire aftermarket performance industry, continue to remain extremely popular today.

Pronounced "five point oh."

Vannilla Ice: "Rollin' in my 5.0 with the ragtop down so my hair can blow"

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Duck! 5.0!


Nothin to do with the 70's show... stems from the fact that the majority of Police Departments...specifically LAPD used 5.0 litre patrol vehicles. Now more and more commonly used in East and South London.

Five Oh ... Feds ... Po Po

"Shit 5.0!! Lose the gear!"

Pronounced FIVE OH

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1. term used when danger is near

2. when fit people are in the vicinity

1. 5.0, the pigs are coming!

2. 5.0 he is bufff

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Average S.A.T. test score for the 'urban' inner-city kids (ie blacks) that started this dopey reference to police presense.

Yo, dat b da poliz fewl dey iz da 5.0.

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