What is 50?


(Verb) Street Slang used by many to replace the word Police. Originated from an old Cop show called Hawaii Five-O. It aired from September 1968 to April 1980. The "Five-O" in the title then became a commonly used word for Police.

Oh crap, its Five-O


The Police.

50, pronounced "five oh", means the cops. It comes from the cop show Hawaii 5-0, and IT HAS JACK SHIT TO DO WITH MOTHERFUCKING CROWN VICTORIA'S, YOU STUPID MARK!!

Raise up fool, its the 50!

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the cops

Pronounced: five-oh

"Hey you've got a five-o", meaning, "Hey the cops are watching you."


the police force.

'those fat ass 50 mutha fuckers wont be able to scale that fence'


It is not fromm 5.0 Crown Victoria. It is from Hawaii 5-0. Meaning police.

we was out on road and 5-0 came and bus' up our shit, an' ting y'naa?


This is mid-gradeweed that usually sells for upward to $50 for 7 grams, hence the name 50. It usually provides a much heavier and cleaner high than schwag, with very few seeds per bag.

"That's some hard hitter... Is that some chron?"

"Nah nigga, this is some good ass 50."

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Can mean 2 things in the Bay Area: one, can signify cops, police etc. two: can signify the 1984 to 1991 ford mustang 5.0 nicknamed 50 (fifty) mostly used as a sideshow car or a cheap getaway car when pulling licks.

Example one: Shit we got 50 following us!!

Example two: That nigga big murf's 50 go dumb at the sideshows whaa!!!

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