What is 50-50?


1) A 50-50 is a skateboarding/snowboarding trick where you jump on to a rail, and grind the rail with your body parallel to the rail. This trick is the base for 5-0s, Nosegrinds, Crookeds, and Salads.

2) A 50-50 on a pipe is where you come up to an Axle Stall at an angle, and get on to the coping in Axle stall style, then you slide along the coping a little, then you drop back in.

50-50s are a simple, yet tight trick.


When a woman give a man a hand job but with her feet

dude you know that chic from the bar yeah, well she 50-50'ed me under the table last night

See foot sex, hand job, handy, feet


Game played when you are unsure if you're going to fart or shit. The probability is usually equal.

If you pull my finger, we'll play 50-50.


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