What is 50/20?


A person of the opposite sex who looks good at about 50 feet away, but looks like a steaming pile of crap at 20 feet. Frequently embarassing one in front of their friends.

(50 feet away) Bob: Dude check out that chick.

(20 feet away)Dave: Where, you mean that butterface?

Bob: uhhh, no no, that one behind her to the left.

Dave: Hey, that's my sister! You eyed a 50/20 didn't you?

See butterface, fugly, monet, picasso, nasty


When a woman has the face of a 50 year old and the body of a 20 year old.

Dude, did you see that picture of Nicollett Sheridan in a bikini? What a 50/20

See butterface, cougar, milf, silver fox


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