What is 500?


A term for breaking even, used in gambling and sports win/loss records.

Our team went 500 because our record was 16-16.

See break even, even, average, five, hundred


The error code returned when an HTTP "Internal Server Error" occurs.

Often occurs when a CGI script running on a server encounters an error, and the scripting engine does not produce an error page of its own to explain the problem in detail.

HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error

See 404, 403, asp, cgi, script, internet, server


Old school baseball game where one person fungoes (that is, throws the ball up and hits it) the ball to a group of people who earn points as follows: 100 for catching it on a fly, 75 on one bounce, 50 on two, and 25 on three or more. The first one to 500 points is the winner, and assumes the fungo role.

Cecil: Hey Booker, let's get Evel, Bjorn, Mookie, and Dusty and have a few rounds of 500 down on the corner lot.

Booker: Ok, I'll bring the bat, ball and Stroh's

Cecil: Sounds good. I'll start off as the hitter.

Booker: That's fine, since it'll be the only chance you'll get!

Cecil: Ok. See you there.

See baseball, 500, old school, sports, 1970's, 1980's, sandlot, game, summertime, street ball, fungo, bat, ball, mitt, baseball bat, hitter, batter


The ultimate goal on GameFAQs. To get a topic to 500 posts is the epitome of pure awesomeness.

Topic: Post here for 500

*gets to 500*

The TC is now a god.

See this, function, is, use, less


to get your seat back at a party or were ever you get up from your established seat.

When I stand up from my seat next to some fine lady Im like "yo, I got 500 on my seat. fool!"

See seat back, 500


Mercedes Benz S500 - Luxury Car

"Sittin' in my 500 on 20's sittin' low..." ~Ginuwine

See Jesus


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