What is 5130?


when a dude grabs a chicks head and pushes it into his groin area so she suks his dik

we 5130'd cuz she liked me dominating her

See dick, blowjob, sex, anal, tip, vagina, fuck, pussy, ass, cum, gay, fucking, oral, love, cock, porn, slut, whore, orgasm, hot, sexy, sexual, girl, dirty, horny, head, bitch, bang, rape, tits, breasts, titties, jugs, booty, knockers, nipples, hooters, cunt, twat, snatch, vag, clit, cooter, box, beaver, muff, fanny, anus, poon, cooch, woman, shit, hole, labia, balls, minge, gash, coochie, female, slit, clitoris, crotch, asshole, period, lips, poontang, poop, bearded clam, women, vulva


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